I’m gonna let you in on a (not-so) little secret:


You deserve to be on the path towards everything you’ve ever wanted.


Business mentor for mid-career women ready for a no-regrets life.




You’ve hit that phase of your life where you’re supposed to have the dream life...a career or business you love, a fully funded retirement plan, plenty of time for yourself to pick up that hobby you never had time for when life was so busy.



Wait...what?  Your reality isn’t the dream life?  


You slave away at your job or just lost the job you gave all of yourself to for so many years, and your retirement’s not even funded. Your hobbies and passions are distant memories...and you  have no clue where the last 20 years have gone!  


 Now that you have a moment to contemplate life, you can’t help but think now what?



 Your passion, purpose, and sense of meaning is just… missing. You know it's time for a change.


How do I do the thing I really want? 


Is it too late to re-ignite my dream career...and dream life??


Is it stupid to want to be lit up with happiness every damn day? (Nope.)


…. You find yourself asking.

You know that fulfilling career you always wanted but never let yourself go after?

I’m here to help you have it, for real.


I’m Vicki. I was that person climbing the good ol’ corporate ladder for 20+ years, working a job billed as 40 hours per week which really just kept me in the office all. weekend. long. 


That's always how it goes when you want to be the next CEO, isn’t it? Secretly, as the  EVP and CMO, I watched the person one rung higher than me and didn’t want that life for myself.


On my own time, I was hiking, doing yoga, traveling to other countries for fun, reading about personal development, and goddess training, wondering what’s next? 

I bet you’ve asked yourself this question, too.


You dream & dream of taking that next step when it’s truly a career reinvention you’re looking for. 

That’s nothing a good business mentor can’t fix. I help women like you dig deep & discover those answers within. Because even if you don’t want to believe it, those answers are in you. You just need the right mentor to bring it out of you.



It’s why I mentor women like you ready to unearth your purpose, your joy, and your next step. Finally, right?


These days, I’m a business mentor inspiring women like you to find purpose and passion so they can ignite the fire within for a regret-free existence that actually gives you life. 


Maybe you want to reinvent your encore career in the corporate world . Or ditch it all and strike out on your own. Either way, I’ll guide you so you can find out what you really want & act on it to make it a reality.



Let’s unearth what you really want, together.





Unlike so many business coaches without real experience in business, I am the living proof-of-concept that being a boss on your own terms is possible.


After 20+ years in corporate and reaching the level of Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, I took a leap of faith to start my own business. I launched ConneXion Partnerships, Inc., a successful sponsorship agency.  I did the naming rights sponsorship for Toyota Arena in Ontario, California, created deals with Coca-Cola and Stella Rosa Wines. I’m blessed to work with The Living Desert Zoo & Gardens, the Confidence Summit women’s virtual conference, and we’ve turned Hot August Nights to a new Virtual Event.  


I love my company, my clients…and my life. I’m here to get real with you: I didn’t have a silver spoon in my mouth. My life has offered its fair share of challenges, just like yours. I’ve been through divorce, career changes, financial struggles, and lots of decisions I would have done differently now. But I invested in myself, took my dreams seriously, and learned exactly what it takes to succeed in business. Now I’ve created a way that I can work directly with YOU to create your dream business or a career you love…and your dream life! 














….and other questions I’ve been asked.

I’ve walked through fire— literally— at Fire Walk, which I coordinate every year! If you want to gain tons of personal power & confidence, you have to try it at least once.


I’m an adventure junkie. I’ve jumped out of planes and off cliffs, repelled down 30-story buildings, and ran marathons.

I’m majorly obsessed with meditation, yoga and all things fitness. To be my best, I want to feel my best and that means staying in great health mentally, emotionally and physically.

Another thing you should know?




I’m the events coordinator for Insight Events, which means I get to meet the pretty awesome people whose books may be on your nightstand.. Told you I was obsessed with personal development.



Don Jose Ruiz, don Miguel Ruiz, me, don Miguel Ruiz Jr.

Dr. Joe Dispenza





John Assaraf and Lisa Nichols





I have news for you: it’s not too late to have what you’ve always wanted. 

This is just the beginning.


Let’s get to work.

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Vicki has great ‘moving forward’ energy.   She knows how to fill your gasoline tank full with her pure high vibration. 

~Kaz I. 

When Vicki speaks it feels like you're the only one in the room and she is speaking directly to you. She speaks from the heart when she's sharing her experience and knowledge. She's genuine and someone you want to work with. 

~Dr. Kevin Dobrzynski, author, The Hypothyroid Diet

Vicki’s honesty and humility in sharing her journey, experience and wisdom are inspiring.  She offers some practical tools to have more results, less stress and an abundant life. 

~Sara B.

I want to thank you again for your time and huge value you gave me. A few kind words:

I was quite nervous to speak with a former Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer but Vicki, is so warm and personable, she was so easy to talk to. She really helped me to expand my perspective on my business idea and gave me actionable guidance to move forward with clarity. Thank you so much Vicki.

~Leigh-Anne van der Heiden

What They’re Saying


Vicki is a born mentor.  Her passion was evident and she did an incredible job of sharing her knowledge and provided excellent documents so that I can re-visit the trainings and utilize the information.


“Due to the Covid-19 virus I had been laid off from my job of 17+ years.  I had decided to make a go of opening up my own Market Research agency and met Vicki virtually in a chat session with other entrepreneurs.  I immediately knew that she was the person I needed to talk to, someone who could give me some amazing guidance on my road to being a business owner.  What I didn't know was the depth of knowledge she had, her ability to find positive paths on the road to business creation and development.  If you are lucky enough to work with Vicki, you will find yourself better capable of handling the work of building a company and embraced by a caring, intelligent leader.”

~ Susie Ribnik


Vicki is a true visionary and collaborating with her has inspired me for action just the same. 

“Vicki’s timely ’Start It Up Workshop’ showcases her innate talent for connecting people and opportunities. Her one-stop, fast track solution is for anyone, or any company, looking to reinvent or expand business. Vicki's approach is equal parts of compassion, collaboration, and connection.”

~ Shelly Goldstein

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