Discover How Corporate Sponsors Can Grow Your Revenue & Your Impact!

  • $20M in sponsorship contracts
  • Deals with Toyota, Coca-Cola, American Express, and more!
  • Naming of Toyota Arena in 2019
  • 'Award of Excellence' from Los Angeles Mayor for LA sponsorships
  • 20+ years of experience

Have you ever wondered how concert venues and sports teams get corporate sponsors? 


Have you ever wondered how athletes and influencers get corporate sponsors? 


Have you ever wondered if YOU could get a corporate sponsor for your podcast, your event, or to help you make a bigger impact?


Well it is possible! 


...and I'm here to teach you how to approach corporate sponsors!


You know you could make a greater impact if you could only align with corporate sponsors. 


I’m here to uncover the tips to make it possible.


Hi, I'm Vicki, 


After 20+ years in the world of sponsorships and reaching the level of Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, I left my high-powered job to start my own business.


I launched successful sponsorship agency ConneXion Partnerships (pronounced Connection). We leverage the power of sponsorships to make a positive impact in our communities and in the world. 


A few highlights: 

1.  Naming sponsorship of Toyota Arena in 2019 

2.  Ten year sponsorship bundle with Coca-Cola

3.   $20M in sponsorship contracts in just a few short years

4.  I've negotiated sponsorship deals with teams in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, AHL and venues, fairs, festivals and events. 

5.  Recipient of the Los Angeles Mayor's Award of Excellence for the American Express sponsorship of DineLA Restaurant Week.  


I have been on the selling side of sponsorships so I can help you understand how to position your offer to sell.  I've also been the person reviewing thousands of sponsorship proposals so I can help you understand what the corporate sponsor is really looking for as they consider your sponsorship proposal. 


Let’s Connect! 





Yes, I want to discover the top 5 tips to get corporate sponsors!


Take a page from the sports industry and create your own playbook to get corporate sponsors!


Let’s get to work.




Up to 5 Team Members May Participate


Asset Inventory


Pitch Presentation

Pricing Methodology

Targeting Sponsors

Sales Negotiation Tactics

Measurement Metrics

Final Sponsorship Strategy



Group Coaching




How to Get Corporate Sponsors

Why Companies Sponsor

Identifying Assets

Understanding Packaging Basics

Discover How to Target Potential Sponsors

Create Your Sponsorship Playbook




What They're Saying...







“It’s rare that you come across a sponsorship agency that really listens and works together with the venue & the corporate sponsor to maximize every aspect of the partnership to be the best for both parties. Vicki was an absolute pleasure to work with and she made the entire process so streamlined as it was so easy to work with her. She is knowledgeable and creative in her work and her team was excellent on their response time which made things extremely efficient and fun!"  



~ Tani Rodriguez Reyes, Coca-Cola Bottling




“A few years ago I met Vicki Higgins – she was brought on as an Independent Contractor to help with our arena in Ontario. Specifically, to not only renew some existing sponsorship contracts, but to look for new partners as well. I was amazed at how quickly Vicki got up to speed with the venue, memorizing the statistics, square footage, spaces, and history. She succeeded with new partners, several renewals, and a new naming rights deal for Toyota Arena – a major project! Vicki possesses the key ingredients to be a success – integrity, professionalism, and knowledge. Best of all, she cares and is passionate about what she does.”


~ Sue Oxarart, Toyota Arena & ASM Global.


I'm always learning!




I am blessed to have the opportunity to meet some pretty awesome people. 


I'm passionate about leadership and personal development!



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