Level Up  Your Business & Your Life!

Top experts share their secrets to Level Up your income and create greater impact as an executive or entrepreneur.


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Some of the best experiences in life can come after have Leveled Up to reach your highest potential!  


If you’re reading this, you may be ready to Level Up

...that's where I come in!


If you’re ready to Level Up and more income and greater impact -  you’ve come to the right place. 


I’ve enlisted the wisdom of over 20 top experts to share their strategies and secrets to help you Level Up your income and impact as an executive or entrepreneur. 


When you Level Up your business...You Level Up your LIFE!


You know the vision of where you want to be has been on the back burner for far too long...


I’m here to help you have it, for real.


Nice to meet you, I'm Vicki!


After 20+ years in the corporate world and reaching the level of Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, I left my high-powered job to start my own business. I launched successful sponsorship agency and, thanks to the guidance of great mentors, I was able to grow it to a successful, mid-six-figure company in just a couple of years.  ​ 


Now I focus on coaching others toward their goals. I’ve proven you can live your dream life on your own terms. 


While most people were in "Netflix & Chill" mode  during 2020, I was building an entirely new business to help Level Up their business and life! 


I enlisted the help of some amazing experts and crafted two signature coaching programs to help you navigate the next steps to create more income and greater impact!


Let’s Connect! 





Let's work together to Level Up your business and your life!  Take the next step and join the FREE  Level  Up Summit on March 22,  2021!

I'm going to get real with you...

I didn’t grow up with a silver spoon in my mouth. My life has offered its fair share of challenges, just like yours. I’ve been through divorce, career changes, financial ups and downs, on and on - I’ve been where you are.


It wasn’t until I invested in a business coach myself that I saw change. I ultimately invested in myself.


With my knowledge I’ve created a unique and  proprietary coaching method that works.





“Vicki’s timely ’Start it Up' workshop showcases her innate talent for offering essential strategies and foundational tools to make starting a business less overwhelming and more exciting."

Start Your Own  Business at ANY Age!


Transform your business skills and personal passions into your own business.


Take it from me, I reinvented my career at nearly age 50!  Yes — it’s totally possible, at any age!


I went from a long-time corporate executive to fulfilling my life-long goal of becoming a Screen Actors Guild model & actor...and created a successful sponsorship agency.  I've worked with some  pretty amazing brands as you will see below. 


If you’re a Gen Xer like me or a Baby Boomer, you may be filled with questions, just know it IS possible AND it’s never too late.


Investing in yourself to do this right is important.  The best athletes, musicians, and entrepreneurs have a coach to help  them become the best they can be.  You deserve to achieve your goals and I'm here to help!


Let’s work together to unlock your dream business that you’re finally ready to achieve!


This next chapter of your life can become your best chapter!



It’s not too late to pursue your passion and start or grow your business. 

This is just the beginning, let's create it - together.


Let’s get to work.


Executive  Coaching

Private Client


Business Start Up Secrets

Client Acquisition

Business Strategic Planning

Foundational Tools

Success Strategies

Revenue Streams

Grow Your  Business



Group Coaching


Business Start Up Secrets

Client Acquisition

Business Strategic Planning

Foundational Tools

Success Strategies

Revenue Streams

Grow Your  Business


Another thing about  me...I'm always learning!




I am blessed to have the opportunity to coordinate personal development events for Insight Events, which means I get to meet some pretty awesome people. 


Did I mention, I'm passionate about personal development?!



Don Jose Ruiz, don Miguel Ruiz, me, don Miguel Ruiz Jr          .

Dr. Joe Dispenza             





John Assaraf and Lisa Nichols                    




Vicki has great ‘moving forward’ energy.   She knows how to fill your gasoline tank full with her pure high vibration. 

~Kaz I. 

When Vicki speaks it feels like you're the only one in the room and she is speaking directly to you. She speaks from the heart when she's sharing her experience and knowledge. She's genuine and someone you want to work with. 

~Dr. Kevin D.

Vicki’s honesty and humility in sharing her journey, experience and wisdom are inspiring.  She offers some practical tools to have more results, less stress and an abundant life. 

~Sara B.

I want to thank Vicki for the huge value provided to me. A few kind words:

I was quite nervous to speak with a former Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer but Vicki, is so warm and personable, she was so easy to talk to. She really helped me to expand my perspective on my business idea and gave me actionable guidance to move forward with clarity.  Thank you so much, Vicki!

~Leigh-Anne V. 

What They’re Saying


Vicki is a born mentor.  Her passion was evident and she did an incredible job of sharing her knowledge and provided excellent documents so that I can re-visit the trainings and utilize the information.

“Due to the Covid-19 virus I had been laid off from my job of 17+ years.  I had decided to make a go of opening up my own Market Research agency and met Vicki in a chat session with other entrepreneurs.  I immediately knew that she was the person I needed to talk to, someone who could give me some amazing guidance on my road to being a business owner. 


What I didn't know was the depth of knowledge she had, her ability to find positive paths on the road to business creation and development. 


If you are lucky enough to work with Vicki, you will find yourself better capable of handling the work of building a company and embraced by a caring, intelligent leader.”


~ Susie R.


Vicki is a true visionary and collaborating with her has inspired me for action just the same. 


“Vicki’s timely ’Business Transition Workshop’ showcases her innate talent for connecting people and opportunities.


Her one-stop, fast track solution is for anyone, or any company, looking to reinvent or expand business.


Vicki's approach is equal parts of compassion, collaboration, and connection.”


~ Shelly G.



….and a bit about my personality.

I’ve walked through fire— literally— at a Fire Walk, which I coordinate each year! If you want to gain tons of personal power & confidence, you have to try it at least once.

I’m an adventure junkie. I’ve jumped out of planes and off cliffs, repelled down 30-story buildings, love white water rafting, and I've  completed a marathon and many half marathons.

I’m majorly obsessed with meditation, yoga, fitness and all things wellness. To be my best, I want to feel my best and that means a vegetarian lifestyle and  staying in great health.

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